Acf2 read write alloc executor

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Reference Notes for SysProgs and Computer Users

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Executing Functions using the Apps Script API

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Dec 12,  · /** * Create a HttpRequestInitializer from the given one, except set * the HTTP read timeout to be longer than the default (to allow * called scripts time to execute).

* * @param {HttpRequestInitializer} requestInitializer the initializer * to copy and adjust; typically a Credential object. User can supply an allocator that would replace a default allocator used by networking TS implementation.

Networking TS does not offer a simple wrapping helper (like bind_executor) that allows to pair a callable with a matching allocator, it is simple to write and make_custom_alloc_handler in the example below is the described wrapper.

This requires proper synchronization in order to read the result from the host. In CUBLAS_STATUS_ALLOC_FAILED. Resource allocation failed inside the cuBLAS library. Then, for real numbers we can write.

Read a table assumed to be included in execution of a pushed join. This is the counterpart of join_read_key() / join_read_always_key() for child tables in a pushed join.


When the table access is performed as part of the pushed join, all 'linked' child colums are prefetched together with the parent row.

Acf2 read write alloc executor
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MVS Training - How eTrust CA-ACF2 Controls Access to Datasets