Lebron james vs kevin durant in

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NBA’s Media All-Stars: The Athletes Making Moves in Hollywood

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LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant: NBA Finals Give Fans Piece of History

This is set to change on tonight when the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat square off in the NBA Finals. When the series begins, LeBron James and Kevin Durant will stop being supremely. Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder, a 3 time scoring champion hungry for his first Championship after coming up short in this past years finals against the Miami Heat, and of course the self proclaimed King, LeBron James the hype machine product who proved all the doubters wrong and went on a tear to get his first championship ring in Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors Durant’s Thirty Five Media, founded in with his manager, Rich Kleiman, is developing basketball-themed projects for Apple (with Imagine) and Fox Sports.

Karl Malone vs Kevin Durant or LeBron James. Who you got?

LeBron James vs Kevin Durant

Who you got? Karl himself was asked which of the two players he would rather guard, and his response was absolutely perfect. It was Durant hitting a crucial 3-pointer over James late in last year's Game 3. James and Durant dueled in the fourth quarter of the decisive Game 5, scoring 14 and 11 points, respectively.

Jun 30,  · LeBron James has said family considerations will be a major factor in his next move. Credit Ezra Shaw/Getty Images.

Kevin Durant denies LeBron James recruiting him to Lakers last summer

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Lebron james vs kevin durant in
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