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What is a Maquiladora in Mexico?

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While all maquiladoras saint with foreign firms to obtain panthers and distribute outputs, not all are many of multinational enterprises. Companies with current operations in Mexico, or looking to operate a duty deferral program (Maquiladora) in Mexico can benefit significantly from an automated solution that assists with inventory tracking and manage regulatory compliance – a key component to maintaining that competitive edge.

The combined forces of maquiladora program and NAFTA opened a floodgate of economic globalization in Mexico. Ford, GM, Nissan, IBM, Whirlpool, Kodak and Caterpillar are just a few of the hundreds of major foreign companies operating within Mexico's borders.

The benefits of setting up a maquiladora in Mexico. Excerpt from: The Offshore Group | December 3, Many foreign companies have become interested in setting up manufacturing operations in Mexico. A Maquiladora or Maquila (used interchangeably) is a plant in Mexico that retains a Maquiladora Permit from the Mexican government to import raw materials duty free into Mexico for manufacturing, assembly, repair or other processing.

Who we help Index Chihuahua serves the manufacturing industry in the region to meet qualified suppliers, engineers and employees and to integrate academic programs with the specific requirements of its industrial needs and trends.

MAQUILADORA MONARCA SA DE CV is a company that executes foreign trade with tax identifier OP57, has made 9 records in the last 5 years.

Mexico maquiladora
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